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What Is MPS?

Managed Print Services refers to multi-functional printers/copiers that allow you to pay ‘per click’ (per copy). It also mitigates the stress of printer management – running out of toner, doing meter readings etc. All you need to worry about is what’s on the paper, we take care of the rest. You could reduce your print costs by up to 30% by implementing MPS.

To help you achieve these reductions, Bates Office will carry out a full print audit to make clear exactly where these savings can be made. We will carry out a full assessment of your current printing methods, including how much print you are producing, how much it is costing you, whether your business is producing printed material in an efficient manner and how your current systems may be affecting the environment. Once the print audit is complete we sit down with you to discuss the most cost effective and efficient way of moving forward and of course, help you put into practice the necessary processes.

How Can It Help Your Business?

MPS means that you do not pay up front for services you don’t use. It also means that we at Bates Office are informed automatically when you are running low on toner, so we can send you the toner as and when you need it, again saving money but also saving storage space. And to make sure your IT department doesn’t waste time trying to find a stray piece of paper stuck in the very back of the printer, we will service the machine regularly to minimise disruption.

How Can It Provide Piece Of Mind?

With MPS, Bates Office can also provide the option of secure printing. This allows you the flexibility of sending a number of items to the print queue, to print out at your leisure, at a later time in the day. MPS also provides the added security of nobody else being able to print your material without your swipe card or pin number – a huge benefit to HR and Finance departments.

How Can It Save You Money?

With MPS you pay 'per click'. If you print 1,000 copies, you pay for 1,000 copies, no more, no less. We will not charge you a fixed amount each month. Furthermore, with Bates Office regularly servicing and maintaining your machine, there is less chance of having to replace expensive parts. This will considerably reduce your paper and toner wastage.

How Can We Help You?

Gone are the days when you needed a photocopier gathering dust in a side office, a printer sitting next to your desk and a scanner that often decides to only scan half your page. Bates Office can now supply you with once single piece of equipment that encompasses all three. We will ensure that you do not find yourself with a printer/copier that gives you any more or any less than you need, in terms of both usability and cost. We are not affiliated with any particular brand so can guarantee that you will get the ideal machine for your needs.

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